Top 3 Ski Pistes in Chatel

Chatel Piste Map

We have skied in Chatel now for the last 5 seasons, and naturally have some favourite pistes that we ski time and time again. We thought we would share our thoughts with you!! Let the debate begin!!

The Chatel ski domain has 49 ski slopes : 5 black16 red17 blue and 11 green, with a total length of 90 km. This season sees the long-awaited addition of 2 new chairlifts to connect the Super Chatel domain to the Linga ski area – connecting the Chatel ski area completely together without the need for buses!

Our Favourite 3 pistes…in our opinion !!

Le Perdrix Blanche (Red 32)

Accessed by taking the Pre La Joux chairlift from the main car park and then taking the Cornebois chair to the top. Turn left from the Cornebois chair and you will see the track going away from you.

Elevation-wise, you have gone from 1300m to approx. 2000m

This lovely run departs from the main valley to the right of the famous “donkeys” off piste route. Initially along a narrow track, it then opens out downwards. Not the widest of runs so you need to be confident to turn / carve reasonably quickly. It is a fast run by the way with several dips and not so many rises to reduce your speed!!

Midway down, the run splits around a rock. The right side is faster but straighter. If you go left, there is a quick right turn to navigate.

The lower section then is long and wide. Great fun to run this section in the tuck but beware of a couple of humps that could give you some air!

Ends back at the Pre La Joux lift you came up from the car park on.

Les Combes (Red 30)

Accessed by taking the Pre La Joux chairlift and skiing down to the Les Combes express chairlift , opposite lift to Cornebois. From the top of Les Combes you can follow piste 32 or head off to Linga.

Les Combes is a long, open  run for Chatel, with fast sections and also some technical turns. It ends at the Cornebois and Les Combes lifts. There are no other runs joining Les Combes until the final 200m or so, where there is a track and a piste joining it from the left side.

Halfway down Les Combes is a very pleasant restaurant, set in an elevated position, with great views on a sunny day. Try the hot chocolate with chantilly for a special treat!

L’Intineraire (Blue 31)

If you are looking for a pretty blue run with a couple of dips for a short thrill, then this is for you.

Accessed by taking the Pre La Joux chairlift and skiing down to the Les Combes express chairlift, opposite lift to Cornebois.

Come off the chairlift and ski to the right, but don’t ski under the chair. Turn left at this point and ski down this section for about 300m. Then turn left rather than entering the main Les Combes ski piste.

You are now on L’Itineraire’s opening track. The piste offers great views across the ski area with some sweeping turns to the left and right. After this it drops down away from Les Combes and into its own valley. Often very quiet and peaceful in the lower sections – check out the buried chalet/barns.

The piste now drops down and you need some speed to get back up the otherside! Stop on the rise and there is a steep section now to the finish at the top of the Pre La Joux lift.


If you think there are other pistes in the Chatel domain worth a mention then add some comments to this post.

More information can be found on the website – a great source of information for accommodation and Chatel resort info.