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By agreeing to list your accommodation, you agree that you have read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions below for the use of and/or websites (the sites).

The Advertiser grants to “the sites” a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free licence to publish the Advertisers Content and images on “the site” and within marketing communications such as blogs and promotional emails.

The Advertiser must:

  1. ensure that all Advertiser Content is accurate and fair;
  2. promptly request the removal or editing of any Advertiser Content which ceases to be accurate and fair
  3. ensure the advertising and sale of any products and services that are advertised through the Advertising Content is legal under all applicable laws


  1. All listings on the site are for 12 months unless agreed in advance in writing.
  2. The site does not guarantee any hits to your own websites, enquiries or bookings as a result of advertising on the site.
  3. All new listings will be added to the top of any hotel, self catered or chalet listings, until such time a new listing is added to the site.
  4. Direct enquiries to any advertiser should be dealt with under your own policy and procedures for responding to customers.
  5. The sites reserve the right to use and links to your property if available. This incurs no further cost to you other than the standard commission you pay directly to these hotel sites on receipt of a booking.

Site Users

  1. The sites are information and booking portals only. We have no responsibility for any bookings or communications you have with property listed on this site.
  2. No payment for accommodation will ever need to be made to us directly and,
  3. you are responsible for ensuring the booking is legitimate.
  4. Use of our “email forms” to advertisers is done so at your own risk. Your data entered is shared to the advertisers on this site in order for them to reply to you with an accommodation proposal. We do not have any mandatory data fields and so it is up to you what data you provide – obviously for a meaningful quote the more information you provide the better. Your email address is kept for marketing use. To remove send an email to or unsubscribe directly from our email communications by clicking ‘unsubscribe’